IACR commissioned me to build a mobile-friendly website template for conferences that organizers could easily clone and reuse. IACR was primarily interested in making their conference site mobile-accessible, maintainable, and easy for conference organizers to edit.

Features include responsive menus and a mobile friendly design using Bootstrap 3.3. Additional touches include display of conference name after scrolling past the header when in mobile view, countdown timers for deadlines, and a conference schedule that is output from the program editor. I created a color palette for the site based on IACR's logo, with shades of orange and green that complement the deep indigo of the logo. I've deployed a demo instance of the template, which may be viewed here.

I also wrote documentation to help conference organizers with editing the template and installation of the site on the IACR servers. The template has since been used by several conference organizers (see list). Feedback from organizers is welcomed and encouraged, to improve the template for future users.

See the code on GitHub


Screenshot of FSE 2018 conference website, done in soft shades of blue.
Fast Software Encryption (FSE) using the more subtle blue color scheme.
Screenshot of RWC symposium website, in shades of orange and green.
Real World Crypto (RWC) Symposium chose a minimalist version of the theme, with the default colors and no background image for the header.
Screenshot of TCC conference website in gray and blue shades.
Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC) using a custom color scheme with gray and a navy blue as the primary colors.